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Legendus is Latin. A future passive participle of legō ("pick out, select").

  1. which is to be chosen, selected, appointed.
  2. which is to be collected, gathered, brought together.
  3. which is to be taken, stolen.
  4. which is to be traversed, passed through.
  5. which is to be read (aloud), recited.

As you may already have guessed, it is where we get our English word Legend. Simply put, Legendus, as intended, is to create a story worth passing on.


Legendus has been growing in my mind since I began playing 2nd Ed. D&D in 1995. My first adventure, Return to the Tomb of Horrors. Our DM Trent was generous with us, because the adventure itself was not. I say our DM, what I mean is myself and his little brother. I was the wizard, he was the warrior, and together we strode excitedly into certain doom. I have been Role Playing for 22 years and have utilized no small amount of RP systems. Within D&D: OD&D (1st edition, when Elf was a class not a race), AD&D 2nd Ed., 3.5, 5e, Pathfinder (aka D&D 3.75), White Wolf's focus on story telling, and a fair number of home-brews thrown in.

Concerning fantasy literature, I have delved slightly into Greyhawk, I have read the saga of Drizzt Do'urden, the tales of Xanath as well as the Incarnations of Immortality are personal favorites, the Malloreon and the Belgariad, the chronicles of Shannara, I know the Wizards first Rule and the fate of the Sword of Truth, I watch the Wheel of Time turn, I know of those who protect Pern from the Threadfall, how it was that Althallus was redeemed, and many others. The worlds and peoples from which my imagination sores are many. Each have influenced me, each hold a special place in my mind.

Legendus, when it was first conceived, was called Nightscape: Demi-plane of Twilight, a realm where the rumors of a glorious ever burning star in the sky and coaxed the plants to grow and warmed the people below, was just a myth, and a fractured world floated in an empty Vastness. Since the world has taken form, literally, in the reverse order, it has sense been renamed Legendus. The Sundering at the end of the 5th Age still leads to the Nightscape, but now there is a history of just how it came to be.

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