Tiberious vs Artimus (Spar)

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Tiberious vs Artimus (Spar)

Post by Tiberious Farstrider » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:21 am

((OOC notes: This is an old spar, set in a time when Artimus had recently broken up with a girlfriend. He'd spent the past few months walking around like a dead-man-walking. Artimus had contacted Tiberious and challenged him to a spar. At the time, both Tiberious and Artimus were high ranking guards, and as such whenever they sparred it drew a crowd among some of the other guards. The pair had also worked and fought alongside each other for so long that they knew each others moves, which is why Artimus has to pull something different out of the bag. They also practised left-handed to avoid inflicting too much damage on each other.))

Tiberious: had been washing when he received the Mind Link from Artimus, challenging him to a duel. He dressed quickly in light clothes, picked up his sword belt, checked his personal arsenal of weapons and then walked out of his room, through the barracks. His face looked serious, and several off-duty guards asked him what was up. He told them Artimus had challenged him, and they walked with him to the small grassy area between the two barracks.

Artimus: Was already standing in the area, watching with amusement as Tiberious and his posse of followers emerged.

Tiberious: walked out of the small huddle of guards and faces Artimus “Standard rules? First to draw blood. No loss of any major limbs?”. He draws his sword and stands in a defensive posture.

Artimus: Laughs. “Swords are getting so cliched these days. I want to make this interesting.” He walks over to the ‘back’ of the makeshift arena and places his sword belt and most of his weapons down safely. He takes out a long Quarter-staff, than walked back, flexing his muscles. The staff was held in his right hand as he stretched and walked, smiling to the ‘audience’

Tiberious: Was puzzled by the choice of weapon. They were going for first drawn blood, and it seemed a little unfair, him with a sharp blade and Art with a stick. But then he noted the placement of the weapon in the Captain’s hand. “What is this? Training, or for real?”

Artimus: Stood in his original position, still holding the weapon in his right hand. With a small flair of theatrics, he twirled the 5 foot staff in one hand, using his dexteritous fingers to increase the speed of twirling before stopping it mid spin, one end pointing directly at Tiberious. He held his opponents gaze for a few seconds, then flicked the staff over to his left hand, one end on the ground and he leaned on it in an almost casual manner. His whole body manner said ‘Casual, relaxed’ and there was a slight cocky grin on his face. “Is that fear I hear?” The smile increased and his eyes sparkled as he said the sentence, making it sound almost like a song, or a poem.

Tiberious: Kept his gaze on Art, his sword clutched in both hand, diagonally across his body. “You going to fight, or sing a song to me?”

Artimus: That cocky smile grew bigger, and Art straightened his body. The staff flew out without warning, towards Tib’s chest.

Tiberious: Moves his left leg back and swings with both hands, striking the staff with his sword. He flicks his wrists, bringing the blade around to his right, and then down to go underneath Art’s defences towards his legs.

Artimus: Feels the jolt of the swords impact, and grabs the staff with his right hand, getting a good two handed grip on it. He swings the other end around, to protect his legs, and as it hits the ground he uses the staff to swing around, his feet kicking out at Tib’s chest as he passes and then lands out of range of Tiberious.

Tiberious: Hits the bottom of the staff, putting a nick in the hard wood, and moves his body backwards, but fails to avoid getting hit by Art’s legs. His right hand leaves his broadsword and he grabs a dagger from his belt as he falls backwards to the ground.

Artimus: Slides along the staff with both hands, now holding the end as he crouches. He let’s Tib get to his feet like the gentleman that he is.

Tiberious: Pushes himself up with his feet and shoulders, and rises, standing in a defensive posture once more.

Artimus: Swings with both hands, throwing his shoulders into the move. He flicks his wrists half way through the move, making it appear he is aiming for Tib’s upper chest, but moving it to his legs.

Tiberious: He aims the dagger and throws it at Art’s chest, then swings with his left arm, to bring the sword up to block his upper body, realising the bluff too late.

Artimus: Rolls forwards to avoid the dagger, thus loosing his guaranteed strike on Tib’s legs. As he rolls on his back and back to his feet, he pulls the staff through his hands so he is now holding it in the middle once more. He comes to a stop in front of Tib, still crouching, and lashes out, stretching his right hand, to strike his legs once more.

Tiberious: Curses as the dagger is thrown uselessly out of range. He takes his broadsword in a two handed grip once more and drops it down to slice at the Captain, who is now only about 3 feet away.

Artimus: Manages to hit Tiberious’s legs ((wasn’t blocked)) then slides the staff through his hands once more to bring it vertical and intercept the falling blade.

Tiberious: Gets whacked on the legs, but it doesn’t draw blood, as the sword is blocked once more. He takes a step back and swings once more in a left handed swing, going for the Art’s right hand side.

Artimus: Is still crouched. He picks the staff up and whacks the nearest end to him down on Tib’s left hand toes, then stood up and put all his weight on the staff to flick the other end over towards Tib’s face.

Tiberious: Feels the staff hit his toes, but knows it still won’t have drawn blood. The sword had been aimed for Art’s left hand side, but his standing had altered the target to his thighs. He hits ((wasn’t blocked again)), the blade slicing through Art’s pants into his flesh. The staff whacks him on the chin, but he’s had worse. He locks eyes with Artimus, knowing he has won by the small red stain slowly forming on Art’s pants.

Artimus: Grimaces slightly as the sword hits his thigh, and knows the fight is over.He pulls the staff back, pushing the one end into the ground and then leans on it, panting slightly. He looks up to Tiberious, a slight grin on his face as he spots a small trickle of blood on Tib’s chin. “I think you bit your lip there.” His cocky grin was back in full force.

Tiberious: Wipes the back of his hand over his mouth and sees the red trail of blood. He looks at Art with his cockiness and shakes his head, smiling, then laughing.

Artimus: A small sparkle is back in his eyes. “What’s so funny?”

Tiberious: “You. Where in the nine hells have you been, Captain?” It hoped it was obvious to everyone watching what he was implying in his question. The Guards had been without a General for a long time now, but worse, their Captain had appeared to have been replaced by a walking zombie for the past few months.

Artimus: Grins, and takes a deep breath. Then laughs. “Lost in my own little world. But I’m back now. I know what I’m doing now” Art’s voice starts to rise, as if making a speech to his audience. “Forget the rumors you’ve heard. I’m back, and I’m not going anywhere.” He takes another deep breath, feeling really good for letting loose at last. He looks to Tiberious. “And you, Lt. Watch your back. I’m not finished with you yet!” His eyes sparkle once more.

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