Icehold Garrison: An Outing in the Snow.

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Re: Icehold Garrison: An Outing in the Snow.

Post by Ralean » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:12 am

~Ralean twisted his mouth in thought as Angel spoke.

"Jaric can be rather focused, if he's fighting a campaign. The North will not be won back so easily, and I think it irks him that it was ever lost in the first place. If you are too concerned, send word to Verran. He'll be sure to deliver your missive, and I doubt there is any place in Aurora he can't find someone. The baron is an alternative, to be sure, but that will come at a price."

Ralean rested a hand on the dagger securely sheathed at his hip.

"If we're that desperate, I can make my way to Aurora rather quickly and see for myself. That is, if we know where he may be. I'd hate to arrive in the middle of a battle.. or worse yet, in a place he hasn't seen fit to liberate from the Stag."

Ralean glanced at Kinsen as he continued speaking to Angel.

"The remainder of the Dragon Watch and the Nexan Legions that we have found have slowly been funneling their way into Grorr. Giligian is out, searching for survivors from both groups of men. I've been slowly using them to train the Aegian military in their tactics. Kinsen's expertise could be a great help in that regard. Many of the men that have come to me are still Aurorans, and most are men I knew before, at least by reputation. If you have need of us, you need only to ask."~

Kinsen Ravenlocke
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Re: Icehold Garrison: An Outing in the Snow.

Post by Kinsen Ravenlocke » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:26 am

=Kinsen frowned.

"You've had no word from Jaric at all? I'll send word to my sister. I suspect that when he arrived she would have joined him with her forces, perhaps she will be more forthcoming, or at least have some word on the matter. Though Commander Wyrmslayer is perhaps right that a short trip to Aurora may be in order to at least see that things are not going poorly."

He smiled, flashing his too-sharp teeth as he raised a defensive hand towards Angel.

"But perhaps not me. You've both made it quite clear that I have been foregoing the wise course of action and that my stubbornness is not a luxury I have anymore, not with enemies on all sides."=

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Re: Icehold Garrison: An Outing in the Snow.

Post by Angel » Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:13 am

Angel's blue eyes blinked against the wind with her expression grave. She was relieved that Ralean was offering solutions - several that could work. Nodding she thought carefully on the best course of action and a few minutes of silence passed before Angel finally spoke against the snow as it began to fall.

"Thank you for reassuring me, both of you. You're right, Ralean, Jaric might be in the middle of a campaign as you say and I will wait before I send Verran. I'l go to the Baron who might tell us more without us having to trouble Jaric if he's in the middle of war. I just need to know he's safe. Please..keep it to yourselves that he's not been present. I don't want anyone to panic unnecessarily. If word doesn't come soon then we'll have to do something drastic to know he's...with us."

Angel was relieved to be able to get something done to help Jaric. Turning to focus her attention on Kinsen she smiled bravely returning the one he granted her.

"Ralean is speaking sense Kinsen. You are a little stubborn, yes, but with reason. Grorr is the safest option for now then we can determine from there what the best course of action is. I'd rather see you there than have you dead. Come with me and Ralean to Merridia for the ball and then you can return with Ralean."

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