(Rules) A Librarian's Guide to Lore

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(Rules) A Librarian's Guide to Lore

Post by Robauldi » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:19 pm

1. If you are NOT the Author, please do not reply. Please remember that much like the Journal of Whispers, the Aegian Royal Library collects volumes written by users that do not elicit a reply. That being said, if the author is able, please lock the topic as you complete it or add an addendum at the end of a topic so that it can be locked by the Sigillum Sprites.

2. This is a PUBLIC Library. Please keep in mind that the Aegian Royal Library is a public library. That being said: information stored here, unless it is found within the archival texts, is considered PUBLIC knowledge and can be drawn upon by all characters in the realm.

3. Lore =/= True. The Library is here to allow members of the Aegian community to add Lore to the world and to allow their characters, if they are scholarly inclined, to prepare records of various topics. This DOES NOT mean that every word here becomes canon, or is a fact of Aegis. Just as in the mundane realm many books are written which are either in error or not intended to be taken as fact, so too in Aegis.

4. Uniformaty Pls. So that the library remains consistent in its portrayal of a library, please limit one Topic per "Volume." And use responses for that topic as your chapters or pages within the text itself. An example can be found in Historiarum Aegium I: The First Bathorian Monarchy.

5. Archives =/= Public. It bears repeating, material labeled [Archives] is NOT considered Public Knowledge. It is included here to allow users to refresh memories concerning plots and conversations, but should NOT be consider character knowledge unless your character was there.