Erika Vs Tib

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Erika Vs Tib

Post by Erika Vigdis » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:08 am

Yeah this is super old but I still like it. :P

Combat style: Hand to Hand
Location: Throne Room.

Tiberious the Guard: puts his glass on the bar counter and turns to her "So, still wish to challenge me?"
Erika Vigdis: she was thinking that she would like to wrestle with him alright..,"well...a spar then?"
Tiberious the Guard: "Name your weapon of choice."
Erika Vigdis: she glances over him.
Tiberious the Guard: stares at her, keeping his own thoughts private
Erika Vigdis: " I prefer hands."
Tiberious the Guard: laughs "Alright, unarmed it is. What conditions for victory?"
Erika Vigdis: "well what are they usually?"
Tiberious the Guard: "Usually, first to draw blood." He shrugs "I hate to mess up a pretty face, but a challenge is a challenge."
Erika Vigdis: she smiles a little "as I don't wanted to mess up that handsome face of yours."
Tiberious the Guard: "Flattery will get you no where with me, pretty girl" He swings with his right fist, towards her face
Erika Vigdis: she ducks and blocks with her left.
Tiberious the Guard: raises his right knee, going for her stomach
Erika Vigdis: she takes a knee to the stomach as she swings her right hand to his chest.
Tiberious the Guard: leans on the bar with his left hand side, to support his weight, as he tries to grab her wrist with his left hand, and misses, grabbing her elbow instead. He reaches out at the same time with his right hand, to grab her hair
Erika Vigdis: she swings her left hand to elbow him in the chest
Tiberious the Guard: He with one hand in her hair, one on her other elbow, he can't avoid the blow, and get's knocked back, stumbling slightly. he lets go of her hair, but keeps the grip on her elbow
Erika Vigdis: she stumbles with him as he has her elbow . she kicks her left leg trying to sweep his leg
Tiberious the Guard: jumps over the leg, but stumbles on the landing, his right foot missing, and he drops down to his knee
Erika Vigdis: do you still have my elbow? ) )
Tiberious the Guard: In my left hand, yes ) )
Erika Vigdis: ok ) )
Erika Vigdis: she tries to free her elbow as she tries to kick at him.
Tiberious the Guard: lets go of her elbow, and grabs with both hands at her leg that is coming out to kick at him
Erika Vigdis: she drops herself on her hands on the floor as she spin kicks with her other leg.
Tiberious the Guard: is definatly going to need to learn better hand to hand techniques. He twists the leg he's got hold of, hoping to throw her kick off, but accepting he's about to get whacked by it
Erika Vigdis: she gets twisted but still lands a strong kick. her sapphire eyes sparkle alittle as she lands the kick.
Tiberious the Guard: Where did ya get him? ) )
Erika Vigdis: upper chest ) )
Tiberious the Guard: lets go of her leg and falls backwards. He lies still for a moment
Erika Vigdis: she flips back and stands back up keeping her hands up.
Tiberious the Guard: lies on his back, his eyes wide open, his pupils narrow, looking at her
Erika Vigdis: she was breathing alittle she watched him..
Tiberious the Guard: How close is she to him? ) )
Erika Vigdis: he could get her with his legs ) )
Tiberious the Guard: judges the distance between the pair of them. "Hey, come here" He really didn't think it would work, but dafter things have happened around here
Erika Vigdis: she inched alittle closer,"why?"
Tiberious the Guard: lashes out with his legs, trying to trip her over from where he's lying
Erika Vigdis: surprised she almost lands on him.
Tiberious the Guard: throws a punch with his right fist as she falls, aiming for her shoulder ( ( whichever is closer to him ) )
Erika Vigdis: she gets hit in the left shoulder as her arm collaspes out from under as she falls on the floor.,"Ouch."
Tiberious the Guard: rolls to his feet, standing over her. "Give in yet?"
Erika Vigdis: she glances up at him and kicks up her feet aiming for his knees.,"Never."
Tiberious the Guard: tries to dodge the kick, and falls onto the floor, face down
Erika Vigdis: she sits up and looks over at him she was breathing alittle harder.
Tiberious the Guard: rolls to his side, so he is now facing her. "Still want to give up?"
Erika Vigdis: "No do you?" her eyes look at him.
Tiberious the Guard: his breath was a little ragged, but he hadn't really broken a sweat yet. "Not yet." He feigns a kick with his legs, but pulls it back, just to test her reflexes.
Erika Vigdis: she rolls back and pops to a crouch. As she keeps an eye on him.
Tiberious the Guard: smirks slightly, then gets to his knees, mimicking her movements
Erika Vigdis: she raises an eyebrow at him then raises to her feet. her boots make a small noise. as she does.
Tiberious the Guard: does the same. He clicks his heels together as he stands up, still smirking.
Erika Vigdis: she grins alittle then swings at him with her left hand aiming for his left shoulder.
Tiberious the Guard: drops the smirk, grabs at the incoming fist, and spins around, placing his back against her arm, and rolling into her shoulder
Erika Vigdis: with her right hand she takes a shot at his head.
Tiberious the Guard: doesn't have a free hand, and can't see the incoming fist until it's too late. A spray of blood comes out of his mouth. He snarls and pushes his back further into her, trying to lift her off her feet
Erika Vigdis: she gets lifted off her feet
Tiberious the Guard: slams her into the bar
Erika Vigdis: she got the air knocked out of her as she gasps as she lands.
Tiberious the Guard: throws her over his shoulder ( ( Judo style ) ) onto the floor, but keeps hold of the wrist.
Erika Vigdis: she the floor hard as she had bit her lip as her wrist pops alittle.a stream on blood runs down her chin.
Tiberious the Guard: twists the wrist and holds it as he stands over her. "Now do you give in?"
Erika Vigdis: she glances up at him."well...~she spits~ if first blood is the rule...then yes."
Tiberious the Guard: lets go of her wrist, and takes a step back. he sighs slightly, then offers her his hand to help her up.
Erika Vigdis: she takes his hand as she wipes her lip with her other hand..."well blood never comes out of leather that well.." she chuckled alittle.
Tiberious the Guard: "Send me the cleaning bill." He points to the wall behind the bar with a small spray of blood "I'd like to learn more about your technique"

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Re: Erika Vs Tib

Post by Robauldi » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:08 pm

Ah, ye've beaten me to it! I was poised to place this fight in the archives, yet here it is. The least I can do is add as addendum the conversation from the last time this match had been archived:

Sep 19, 2010

Tiberious Farstrider
((From, back in the days before I had a surname. I demand a rematch. I let you win that one Wink ))

Erika Vigdis Farstrider
pfft you didn't let me win but I will be happy to kick your arse.

Tiberious Farstrider
((I did.. I was being nice to the noob Razz But next time, I won't be. And we better find a different place. Art had a stick up his arse over the mess last time...))
What is left of this memory can be found here.

And dare as I might, I shall reach further back, giving you not only this small glimpse into the past:


But offer you the original:
Pull its thread if you dare, though I warn this memory is but a wisp.

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